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Our Expertise - Quality Assurance


Space is hard, let us help. 

100% Visual Inspection

NASAM's facilities are complete with ESD compliant inspection areas where our industry veteran Quality Assurance inspectors visually inspect every item that passes through our doors. From extremely complex microcircuits and RF devices, to your commercial level diode, every item needs to pass our rigorous visual acceptance standards. NASAM inspects hundreds of thousands of parts every year, saving time and manpower for our customers. 

     100% Data Review

In addition to the knowledge that the parts our customers receive have passed visual inspection, our customers are also assured that their data packs and documentation are correct. NASAM's Quality Assurance team has decades of experience working within the Mil Standards. As a voting member of JEDEC, NASAM has even helped to write those standards. Our Sales team members are equally knowledgeable, allowing for expeditious responses to your urgent questions.

     SCD Creation

NASAM has created and maintains hundreds of Source Control Drawings for our customers. Whether a part isn't listed on the QML, or our customer wants to upscreen non-space parts to undergo full JANS, Class K, Class S, or a bespoke level of screening, NASAM will generate a SCD to create a part to meet the customer's specifications. 

Additional Testing

With our partner testing labs, NASAM regularly outsources the following tests for our customers:

-Destructive Physical Analysis

-Radiographic inspection

-Relife (100% electrical, visual, solderability)

-SEE, TID, ELDRS radiation testing


-PIND, EDX, PMA, Fine & Gross Leak, 

-Customer Source Inspection (at NASAM or MFR)

FAE Support
IT Management

Equally important to our customers as our partner OEMs, NASAM boasts a team of full time Field Application Engineers. These industry experts are an extension of our Sales and Technical Support team, as they work closely, and often on-site, with our overseas customers.


- ISO9001 : 2015

- AS9120 : 2016

- MSJ4000

- Voting Member of JEDEC

- ITAR Department of State Registration

- EAR Department of Commerce Registration

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