NASAM has represented U.S. high-reliablity semiconductor manufacturers for over 40 years with a particular focus on the Japanese space market. Our vendors benefit from our active, targeted marketing and design-in engineering successes. NASAM develops mutually beneficial partnerships with U.S. vendors both by introducing new technologies to foreign markets and expanding existing sales.
Our Sales team and industry-veteran Quality Team / FAEs work closely with our customers, effectively outsourcing all sales, promotion, and technical support for our partner vendors. As a U.S. company that procures domestically and exports to our customers directly, NASAM also assumes the regulatory responsibilities and payment term risks.
Below is a sample listing of our partner manufacturers. NASAM has the ability to supply countless other semiconductor manufacturers to our customers. No matter the part or manufacturer, NASAM will always perform 100% visual and data inspection as part of our Quality services.
IR Hirel.png

IR Hirel, an Infineon company, has a long history serving the space flight industry with high-reliability, radiation hardened power management solutions. Since 1985, customers have relied on IR HiRel solutions for mission-critical power management in thousands of space, aerospace and national security programs, ranging from space exploration vehicles to launchers and satellites. Many of these programs are still in flight today.

IR HiRel’s expansive power management portfolio includes:

HON products.PNG
HON foundry.PNG

GomSpace is a world-leading manufacturer & supplier of turnkey nanosatellites and nanosatellite solutions. With customers in over 50 countries and flight heritage of over 75 satellite missions, GomSpace continues to strive towards their mission "to make nanosatellites the preferred choice for customers who have demands for professional mission critical radio-based surveillance and communications solutions”

NASAM is proud to partner with GomSpace to provide their products into the Japanese market:

Honeywell Microelectronics offers a comprehensive range of radiation hardened integrated circuit solutions. Honeywell's reputation is well-earned, offering SOI CMOS built to endure harsh environments in space, including total dose radiation, transient phenomena and extreme temperatures. All built at Honeywell's QML Space Qualified Trusted Foundry.

Honeywell's extensive microelectronics portfolio includes:

Q-tech TCXOs.PNG
Q-Tech Dime.png

Since 1972, Q-Tech has become the world's leading manufacturer of high-reliability crystal oscillators. Q-Tech's space-qualified and radiation hardened oscillators have more than 35 years of successful flight heritage servicing the international space community.

XO, TCXO, VCXO, OCXO, SAW, MCXO, High Temp and High Shock Oscillators at 1.8V, 2.5V, 3.3V and 5.0V, up to 100 kRad TID as well as up to 300 kRad TID.

SMT logo.PNG

Since 1985, Sierra Microwave has provided a vast array of very wide frequency band, low loss performance, and exceptionally high quality microwave products to the global space industry. Sierra has developed an incredible reputation as a manufacturer of Isolators, Circulators, Equalizers, Filters, and Pin-Diode switches developed for space missions.


Your Single Source for Amps, VCOs, Filters, Mixers, Components, Integrated Assemblies & more.

TMS' extensive and successful space heritage stretches back to the early days of space applications. One of the first companies receiving MIL-PRF-38534 Class K certification, TMS earned the space community's trust by developing, providing, and supporting the industry's most comprehensive line of space-qualified products. 

VPT Logo.png
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VPT Components is now one of the largest providers of JAN - JANS certified semiconductors along with a full-service facility for the independent, unbiased testing and custom assembly of electronic components. Their expanding product portfolio includes MIL-PRF-19500 qualified Rad Hard NPN and PNP small signal and power switching transistors, SCRs, and MOSFETs along with an extensive offering of Zeners, rectifiers, switching diodes and Schottky products including JANHC and JANKC qualified die. Custom products and packaging services are also available

xilinx logo.png

Xilinx is the worldwide leader in adaptive and intelligent computing with more than 30 years heritage serving the Aerospace & Defense market. Building on their highly successful 65nm Virtex-5QV space-grade devices, Xilinx has introduced the new 20nm Radiation Tolerant (RT) Kintex® UltraScale™ XQRKU060 FPGA. This device delivers full radiation tolerance and ultra-high throughput and bandwidth performance for satellite and space applications. The XQRKU060 FPGA provides true unlimited on-orbit reconfiguration, over a 10x increase in digital signal processing (DSP) performance – ideal for payload applications – and full radiation tolerance across all orbits.

NASAM is thrilled to work as Xilinx's dedicated space market distributor serving the Japanese satellite industry.

Additional manufacturers we regularly provide to our customers:

·         Amphenol

·         Analog Devices

·         API Delevan

·         AVX

·         BAE 

·         Cobham

·         Dow-Key

·         Hypertronics

·         Intersil 

·         Kemet

·         Measurement Specialties

·         Micropac

·         Presidio

·         QTI

·         Teledyne e2v

·         Texas Instruments

·         Vishay

This is a representative list and not exhaustive. Contact us about any manufacturer you may require.