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AMD Webinar Series

NASAM will host a joint webinar series with AMD and its Ecosystem partners to share and discuss how to achieve increasingly more advanced Space applications with FPGA and Adaptive SoC technology.

The range of applications for satellites has expanded beyond space exploration to include earth observation, disaster prediction, and high-speed communications. To meet these diverse needs, demand for high-performance, multifunctional electronic components is increasing. AMD Space-Grade FPGA product lines provide the optimal technology to meet these demands.

In this webinar series, we will introduce how to leverage the AI engines in the latest AMD Space grade Versal™ Adaptive SoCs to enable advanced satellite capabilities.


Our first webinar will focus on how to achieve RF beamforming for Space with XQR Versal™ Adaptive SoCs using AI Engines. In the partner session, VORAGO Technologies, a leading supplier of Rad-Hard Arm® Microcontrollers (MCUs), will demonstrate the latest reconfiguration solution with its MCU for XQR FPGAs for Space.

June 12th, 2024 (JST)
10am - 11:30am

TOPIC: RF Beamforming for Space with AMD XQR Versal™ Adaptive SoCs using AI Engines
Partner Session: VORAGO Technologies' Reconfiguration Solution Utilizing Rad-Hard ARM® MCUs

(pre-registration is required)

Organizer: NASAM Japan

Webinar Format: Hybrid

  • Online (Microsoft Teams)

  • In-person Venue:  X-NIHONBASHI TOWER​

                                ​7F Nihonbashi Mitsui Tower, Nihonbashi

                                Muromachi 2-1-1, Chuo-ku, Tokyo, Japan

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